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I recently had the privilege of reading an excellent book written by Joe Kissack. In The Fourth Fisherman Kissack sews together his own life story of being lost in affluence and success with that of three Mexican fisherman who were lost in the Pacific Ocean for over nine months. 

All of us have felt lost at some time or another in our lives. Only those who have been found can know the exhilaration of that moment of discovery. As he tells the story of faith upon the sea which kept these fishermen alive, he also tells of his own discovery of faith at the point of his own failure to negotiate the seas of life.

I would recommend this book to both the person searching for an answer to the emptiness of life and the person who may have just lost their way through life. Joe Kissack has written masterfully and with deep engagement.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. You may buy it now by following this link: http://waterbrookmultnomah.com/catalog.php?isbn=9780307956279 .


One of the problems of walking on the moon (I am told this; haven’t been there lately myself!) is that perspective is lost. There is nothing to make comparison to in arriving at correct height, depth, or distance.

On earth we have obstacles: trees, buildings, etc. These give us perspective. I can see how small I really am when I stand next to a towering oak for example. When you lose perspective I would recommend standing next to Jesus. He is the measure of the fullness of the Godhead. All will be brought into focus as we draw nigh to Him!

Slo Poke

It is interesting to see the various ways the word slow is used. Of course, we think of SLOW DOWN! But slow is used in other instances also. I remember a candy I used to buy as a kid for a nickel. It was called a Slo Poke. It was hard caramel plastered on a stick and it would last a long time. You couldn’t bite it or chew it; you just licked it till it melted away. A good choice when you only had one nickel and a lot of time!

You have seen signs that warn drivers of children in the area. It says SLOW CHILDREN! That’s an oxymoron since I’ve never seen a slow child. Another sign says SLOW WORKERS! This is usually posted at highway construction sites. I don’t think I should comment here?!?

The Bible says we should be SLOW TO SPEAK. Now that’s good advice considering the fact that nearly 100% of my problems can be traced to a quick tongue attached to a SLOW brain!

Make every effort today to SLOW DOWN your tongue. THINK before you speak and when you lie down to sleep tonight you will have much less to regret!

Washed Away!

I sit here listening to the refreshing raindrops fall on thirsty ground this morning. Go with me to a dry dusty morning in Judea. See Jesus kneel before a woman caught in the very act of sin and her accusers railing against her. He writes in the dust. The only recorded time that Jesus ever wrote. Conjecture about what he wrote runs wild, but this I know. The next refreshing rain washed it all away. I sit here this morning and am blessed that all my sins are washed away!

What’s in a Burden?

A man was climbing a mountain on his way to worship at the mountaintop chapel. Steep was the climb and with great effort he made each step. Looking over his shoulder, he noticed another man coming along the same path just behind him. The man carried a large burden on his shoulder.

Turning around he thought to assist the man would be the “Christian” thing to do. As he looked into the face of the man carrying the burden, he was surprised to see that it was Jesus!

“Are you carrying the sins of the world in this great bundle?” he asked with sympathy and concern.

“No,” said Jesus, “Only yours!”

This man went to church that day with a new found understanding of the burden of sin that had sent Jesus to the cross. His sins were all that mattered. What about you?

The Perfect Measure

In Washington, D.C. resides the Bureau of Standards, where is kept a perfect inch, perfect foot, perfect yard, perfect ounce, perfect quart, perfect gallon, etc. If a question arises relative to measurement, the Bureau of Standards can settle the issue because they hold the perfect measure for comparison. What is the perfect measure of our love for Christ? It is determined in one word: OBEDIENCE. Our love is not measured by ever-changing words nor by fickle emotion. Obedience is the standard! Jesus said, “He who has my commandments and keeps them; he it is that loves me.” John 14:21